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LE BOZZE recording studio, built in 1993, is a place where you can create your music and record it using the very best equipment within their studio. The studio is located in the green, serene and tranquil region of Tuscany which provides you with a very calm, quiet and relaxing place where you can just sit back and let your creativity flow.

With state of the art technology and beautiful surroundings, LE BOZZE recording studio is an ideal place for you to produce records. You can be assured of a place without any disturbing factors or any kind of pressure so that you have nothing to worry about and you can concentrate and focus all your energy on creating music.

LE BOZZE recording studio guarantees you the best possible combination of technology, sound quality and relaxing feel. They host a number of small to mid-high projects that range from jazz to pop/rock, from electronic to contemporary and classical.

This website is all about finding and listing websites that aim at offering you the best recording opportunities in Italy, more specifically in the Tuscan region. The links that you will find here contain information which is very useful for those who intend to use the facilities offered within Tuscan. With so many listings, there is something to suit everyone’s need and style.